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Website of Programs

A list of applications (along with apps, webapps and tools) I managed to maintain across my 20+ years with technology.
I use these on daily basis (or tested them at least), in several platforms, and wanted to reach them quickly whenever (and wherever) I want.

Porgrams recommended

Total programs (or webtools) listed here, tested by me for at least few months, and proven to me that I cannot live without them


First time was introduced to Computer world, yes, I wasted all these years on Technology, ruining my social life and expanding my brain thinking

Versions of Windows

Worked on during my life, since it was called Win95

Back in the day, I used to install computer software a lot, on my machine and others, in fact, I had my own compouter office where I help others install and setup thier computers on daily basis, on a good day, I usually setup and install Windows on 20+ machines.

So logically, I kept a list of software handy, where I use to install as standard software in addition to user requests. This is it, this is the list of software that I managed to maintain and preserved accross all these years.

  • These are mostly Windows-based programs, but also listed web-based tools, Android-based, Older devices and games, in addition to some other.
  • This list is maintained on regular basis, bookmark it to check for new apps and tools
  • Feel free to contact me if you would like to suggest an application, or web tool